Traffic Ticket Reviews | Parking Citation in Naples Beach ($77~$102)

I would like to share my review of traffic tickets in Naples Beach, Florida. Have you ever visited Naples Beach, famous for its beautiful sunsets? On a nice day, amidst the peaceful atmosphere, you can’t help but gaze in awe as the sunsets, painting the sky with hues of red. However, there’s something to be cautious about: traffic tickets. Imagine returning from a joyful time spent with family or loved ones, only to find a parking citation stuck on your car windshield. It could ruin the end of your trip, right? Let me share a review of traffic tickets to be mindful of in Naples Beach, Florida.



Parking Violation Location

I was a visitor on a road trip in Florida, planning to spend the afternoon at the beautiful Naples Beach known for its stunning sunsets. Opting to watch the sunset near the popular Naples Pier, I searched for the nearest parking lot. That’s when I found the Naples City Beach Parking.

traffic ticket parking lot
Naples City Beach Parking | Google Maps


I also wanted to explore downtown before sunset and was eager to admire the beautiful yachts at Naples City Dock on the opposite side of Naples Pier. So, I was in a hurry.

traffic ticket parking

Hurriedly parked and left, I made some wonderful memories in Naples, however, only to return to the parking lot and find a parking violation ticket on the windshield of my car.


Parking Violation Fine

When I arrived, eager to start having fun, I didn’t take the time to look around, only to come back and realize it was a designated parking lot for permitted vehicles only. It was then I noticed the signs around indicating that a permit sticker was required for parking

traffic ticket parking citation front

traffic ticket parking citation back

If paid within 10 days : $77

If paid after 10 days : $102

For budget backpackers like me, this was a significant amount of money, saved through scrimping on food, accommodation, and gas during the trip. It was money that could have been spent on a steak dinner last night or a slightly better hotel stay. I felt a pang of regret, thinking about the missed opportunities. However, what’s done is done, and the best action was to handle it as quickly as possible to save even $30.


How to pay for the traffic ticket?

The front of the ticket displayed the violation details, while the back listed the payment methods:

  1. Call 855-748-6064 to make payment over the phone.
  2. Visit to pay online.
  3. Mail payment.


Since I was traveling, accessing the internet wasn’t easy for me, so I tried to pay over the phone with my credit card. Although it stated that payment could be made instantly 24/7, when I called, the payment system wasn’t functioning on the 23rd, the day the ticket was issued, probably due to it being a weekend. The call kept getting disconnected, wasting my time, so I gave up after several attempts. Two days later, on the 25th, Monday, I tried again and successfully completed the payment.


I had just one more episode of receiving a traffic ticket during my solo road trip. However, for many of you, such incidents could potentially disrupt precious family travel plans. I hope this post serves as a helpful reminder.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day! 😀



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