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Are you planning to visit the beautiful Naples Beach in Florida? I’d like to share a review of hotel, where the cost was affordable but the quality was excellent. Stay tuned for the true review and insights on Naples Beach, Florida. As you may already know, hotels within walking distance of the beach can be quite expensive. Let me share some tips I’ve learned while embarking on a road trip in the southern United States to save on accommodation costs. 


Review of Hotel | Comfort Inn Naples East I-75


Hotel Location

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The hotel is located about 8.8 miles away from Naples Beach, Naples City Dock, which takes around 18 minutes by car. Since I was on a road trip and had a rental car, the distance wasn’t much of a concern. The hotels near the beach seemed to be too expensive for budget travelers like backpackers considering the quality they offer. Fortunately, there were not many entertainment facilities such as bars or clubs, so it was not suitable for drinking and having fun. It was mainly family-oriented restaurants. After fully enjoying your time at the beach or city dock, I recommend moving to more affordable accommodations using your car.


Room Condition

I booked a spacious and clean queen double bed room.

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Review of Hotel Naples Beach Florida 4

There was a microwave for simple food preparation and a sink for washing dishes.

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I enjoyed Korean Ramen (Jin Ramyeon) with bread and canned sausage.

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As it was in the Christmas season, I enjoyed relieving the fatigue of today’s journey by watching Home Alone 2 on TV and taking a sip of canned beer.

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Complimentary Breakfast Included

Don’t expect the quality of a luxury hotel breakfast. However, there was a variety of delicious and basic foods that were sufficient for a hearty breakfast. Warm foods such as sausages and egg dishes, waffles, along with fresh fruits, coffee, and beverages were available.

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Accommodation Cost

The total cost was $113.92, which includes a spacious and clean room, complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary parking. Additionally, there was a $100 deposit. For those who missed out on a drink while driving from the beach to here, there was a bar offering drinks and food even at night. If you click the hotel overview Youtube video above, you can see it to the right of the parking lot behind pool.


So far, I’ve shared my firsthand experience and review of hotel. The Comfort Inn Naples East I-75, though not far from the beach, offered rooms at a lower rate compared to the surrounding area, and the room condition and service were excellent. I hope this true review can be helpful for your travel plans.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.


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